BandCamp 2 by Ranski Gleechie

Ranski Gleechie

Rapper artist Ranski Gleechie based in Toronto, Canada dropped a firey hip-hop/rap song “Bandcamp’’, on the 28th of September. It is his second single release this year and he had help recording the track with Ovo producer JMak, who made the beat. After being released from a 5-year jail time sentence in March 2021, he went back to making music as he did before serving the federal sentence. He was heating the Toronto music scene and dropped a banger song ‘Ballin’ no gym’’ in the summer of 2016, which made a huge comeback. Gleechie’s new track is paving the way back for him to hop into the hip-hop world again for sure. 

Bandcamp 2 is a spicey hip-hop song that has the artist flaunting his talent in spitting bars and wordplays. The song’s idea is that no matter what happens Bandcamp is always here, as an artist platform showcasing all the audio, which means that Gleechie is making money as an artist and he’s still on the way up even more. Gleechie’s vocals are smooth and nonchalant. The overall sound of the song is a gangster and full of confidence. The rhythm is not too fast and not too slow, and the music has a lot of bass and drums. Notable sounds are the cool ad-libs made with heavy autotune. Listen to this song to spice up your day.


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