Patina feat. Femme Fatene by notevenstevens

Flower Gang Records

Australian producer/artist/songwriter notevenstevens collaborates with Spanish singer Femme Fatene for their new single “Patina” released on 11/11/22. Notevenstevens charted in the top five in Australia and #31 in Canada on iTunes, and boasts more than 6.5 million impressions on TikTok. While Femme performed at the 50th edition of the Manchester carnival, from the winners of the Havanna club 2022 edition and supported by producer Dam Funk.

Patina means to go skating in Spanish, which sets the theme of the song as the artists described “We wanted to create something truly unique, Patina is a reflection of our care-free spirits & our beliefs wrapped up in a cosmic listening experience”. The song has elements of Hyperpop and R&B starting with an ambient soundscape powered by a booming bass and groovy beat. Femme’s voice perfectly fits the song, giving what the artists call a “cosmic” atmosphere to the song.