Richest Man Alive by The One Tonic


In a world where money is always first on everyone’s list comes a man who goes against the grain; Singer/songwriter/composer/multi-instrumentalist Matt Soren with his music project “The One Tonic”, refutes the concept with his latest Electronic Alt-rock single “Richest Man Alive” released on Thanksgiving day 22nd of November 2022.“Richest Man Alive is about how awesome it is to have a great family, even when you’re totally broke” said The One Tonic

The background sound of children playing and laughing starts the song off, emphasizing the family theme. As a deep pulsing synth bass fades in, expressive talking vocals come in to establish the mood, before the rock-influenced drums take the song to a new level blending rock and electronica. The words “I’m the richest man alive” trigger the chorus, immediately transforming the song into a euphoric atmosphere. A catchy bridge follows the second chorus, featuring a melodic piano line, an electronic drum beat, and Alt rock-influenced guitar plucks.