Poets by Billie Fitz


Starting off with a very catchy title that will set the vibe, the debut single from Billie Fitz will make you feel you’re high on a cloud. The fresh music school graduate is set to release his debut album soon, and Poets is the first single to see the light of day under his name. Clean melodic guitars play modern-sounding ambient chords with very soothing vocals and a vocal line that is very distinctive and mind-blowing. That ambient feel is further aided by the comforting yet funky bass line. To top it all off, he plays a sensual guitar solo mixed with a brass instrument. A very interesting choice of instrument and has a highly catchy guitar melody. The summer vacation vibes of the song made me feel like I’m swaying my head side to side while resting on a hammock by the beach. I honestly enjoyed the journey with Billie Fitz and HIGHLY recommend you give him a listen and a thumbs up until we get a full-length release from him that will surely be full of these catchy melodies.