Sour Grapes by Maya Yenn


Maya Yenn is unquestionably making noticeable ripples in the music industry. This new London-based artist has already amassed tens of thousands of Spotify streams, recorded BBC live sessions, and had a music video winning several awards in film festivals, so I was not surprised when I found out that her latest single is an expertly crafted piece of electronic pop with an attitude and a character that makes it hard to forget.

Sour Grapes is a sublimely produced, short banger. Clocking at a little less than 3 minutes long, this cut is shockingly full of nuanced detailings that it’d probably take a dozen listens or so to fully get the whole picture. With that being said, the song is not at all a hard-to-grasp mess. Quite the opposite, Sour Grapes’s strength is in its immediacy. With solid, hard-hitting beats, dramatic chord progressions full of grandeur and character, and of course Maya Yenn’s memorable vocal delivery, effortless and smooth, and her lyrics, endlessly relatable. The bass guitar in particular, is the secret weapon to Sour Grapes’s unerring drive and groove. A synthetic sub-bass, the line is dynamic and twisty, providing way more than it cares to loudly announce.

Sour Grapes is another winner in Maya Yenn’s ever-growing catalog of winning tracks. A mature and fun offering about the many humdrum pains and disappointments that come with adulthood, Sour Grapes is sure to last with listeners for way longer than its runtime.