Prettiest Penny by book NOT brooke


Beginning the year with remarkable melodies that entice your brain is a perfect start for a calendar. 

With book NOT brooke releasing “Prettiest Penny” which at first glance gives an impression that it’s speaking of the current sloppy economic circumstances that we all suffer, but in fact, it implies that everything in life has a price tag but what is it? And the track states that the price depends on the value each person defines.

From Nashville, Tennesse the indie pop artist Vespoli along with her bandmate Jake Bibb assisting through sound by recording the guitar part and engineering.

Prettiest Penny” is a psychedelic experimental pop track that begins with smooth folk classic guitar chords and synths that twirl your ears and grabs your ears for a listen on the spot. Moments away from laying down the mesmerizing vocals of Vespoli that make you sway subconsciously along the melodic waves flowing to your ears vibing with it as if the sun kisses your skin in a warm winter morning while you’re touching fresh-looking green grass.

Just by the first notes of the track, it touches something within as it sounds familiar with some nostalgic sound you heard years ago, and that’s why psychedelic pop is the closest to my heart.

Play “Prettiest Penny” and enjoy a new year with a track released late in the previous one.


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