Full Moon by Melt Motif


Melt Motif wrapped up the year with the smash single “Full Moon,” which does give the impression of a moon with both bright and dark sides, giving the year a balanced conclusion between vigor and edginess.


Melt Motif is a trio from Bergen who entered the dark-pop scene as the duo Kenneth Rasmus Greve and Rakel and later got joined by Joe Irente to become a three-piece band and released the album “A White Horse Will Take You Home,” which was their hit debut.

“Full Moon” was released on December 9th, but here I’m initiating my first review of the year with this banger. I have to admit that electronic music isn’t my first choice, but Melt Motif effortlessly makes an exception! Their blended sound and dark yet vibrant atmosphere make it hard not to be lured into their lusty realm.

The four-minute song gets off to a solid start and maintains a dynamic pace throughout. It’s driven by sultry synth waves and trenchant drumming that get you lost in the rhythm. You became lost in their characteristically elevating world. Then, it’s time to get hypnotized by Rakel’s sensational, dreamy vocals, which have both a soulful and a tense timbre.

There’s an overall glitchy ambiance that, along with the noisy, well-crafted instrumentation, builds the desired vibe of the song’s theme, which they describe as “that feeling of freedom when you walk the streets of a huge city far from where you live.” All of the rich elements and the witty production serve to convey this liberating feeling that one is finally loose as if they were a “killer on the run.”

The moon is pretty in all its shapes, but there’s no more marvelous scene than when it’s full. As with “Full Moon,” which assembles top-tier components to create a fully polished mood-booster track.