Prince Charming (Went to Hell) by JESS STEWART


Cambridge-based singer, songwriter, and producer extraordinaire Jess Stewart released a new single titled “Prince Charming”…fusing pop and soul and giving the world a mighty melodic and lyrical adventure that is not to be missed.

“Prince Charming” is an instant hit…let me get this off of my chest…

Jess managed to fuse two of the most iconic musical styles ever…mixing pop and soul to create a truly unique sonic experience…the soulful bass pops in such a beautiful way that can only be experienced…

Adding to the mix some epic smooth saxophone playing adds so much to the soulful mood, creating an emotionally rich layer that is also super melodic.

Jess explores the lifelong fairytale of love that we’ve all grown to idolize, the prince charming story…but with a very modern and honest take, telling the world the truth as it is, like the challenges of dating and how non-fairytale like it is in real life.

Jess doesn’t just sing amazingly in “Prince Charming”, but she also performs some parts with a very theatrical approach, giving so much life to an already amazing musical and lyrical experience…with a stunning vocal cadence that flows so smoothly with some soaring vocal moments.

“Prince Charming” is a charming song, instantly hooking any music listeners, not just fans of soul or pop…beautifully interwoven melodies, vocal lines, and beats with a super interesting approach to lyrical storytelling…this is the complete package.

Wishing all the best to Jess, can’t wait to hear more of her original approach to musicality.



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