Nightmare by Sarah Anne Fernandez

JMA Photography

A bombastic electro-pop anthem from Sarah Anne Fernandez seeks to find solace and confidence within the turmoil of a messy breakup, and it does so with a particular charm that carried the song forward, and directly into the hearts of listeners.

Based in New York, Sarah Anne Fernandez is a singer-songwriter whose sound can be categorized as fairly modern, electronic pop, with a focus on the singer’s compelling deliveries and rich textures. Nightmare, Sarah Anne’s latest single is about getting through a rough breakup, finding back your courage through allowing yourself to be petty for a while, and simply rolling with the feelings, instead of blocking them. A song that aims to empower the listeners, while simultaneously telling them that every end is a new beginning.

The relatively short runtime of this single is absolutely jam-packed; with intricate production details, neat vocal chops, and invigorating sounds. Starting from Fernandez’s strong and commanding vocal presence, passing the grand and dramatic chord progressions, and ending with the charged, electronic production, for a result that’s dark, memorable, and oozing with personality. 

Nightmare is surely playlist material. A song that checks all boxes necessary to make it a radio hit, this short, sweet, sharp, and concise song is memorable, fun, and compelling.