Revelation Ground by Rachael Sage


Richness is a word that can be easily associated with music such as Rachel Sage’s Revelation Ground. The gentle singer and songwriter’s tunes where voice and melody fuse with the accompanying guitar or piano into one body, delivering a cohesive message and atmosphere, and with a bespoke arrangement that serves this unity. Or such is the hope that these songs come into the world with, naturally to hit, or to miss.

Rachel Sage is a New York-based artist is currently on an extensive tour in the UK. Revelation Ground is her latest single. A song that would place you right in the middle of some cool shaded woods, with streaks of sunlight passing gracefully through the thick tapestry of branches above. The sound is incredibly warm, the words are poetic and the voice is in control of the music’s flow. The song is entirely made of a gently picked guitar, Rachel’s vocals, and a rich string quartet that’s arranged to perfection, together the three elements become distinct highlights, allowing the song to feel whole and satisfying. The efficient arrangement, beautifully balanced mix, and the simplicity of the song deliver the message effortlessly making it a wholly rich experience.

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