Sometimes by Rye Catchers


From Wisconsin, United States Rye Catchers is a musical project made by songwriter/producer David McClintick Roberts who isn’t defined by a single genre as he explores around, but considers electro-pop to be his “comfortable territory”. Featuring Spanish singer Nekane, he releases “Sometimes”, a song that captures the beauty of daydreaming and the tension of the mind’s struggle.

As the song starts, it catches the listener’s attention with dreamy pads over a grounding drum beat, paving the way for a hard-hitting groovy bass to come in creating tension over the dreamy atmosphere the pads create. Layer by layer in the intro, a melodic guitar line, plucking synths, and backing vocals are added. The verse shines the light on Nekane’s sweet voice as she describes different daydream situations in a melodic vocal line with backing vocals highlighting the end of each sentence. Which adds depth to the vocals. As the chorus kicks in, the song shifts into a dreamy mood achieved by a huge background atmosphere of backing vocals, synth pads, a sustained lead guitar line, and picking rhythm guitar while the vocals are doubled giving a dimensional ambiance. Before the second chorus, a catchy arpeggiating synth takes the foreground while Nekane sings the chorus in a pushed-back effect creating a moment of clarity. As she counts to four the song explodes in a full chorus followed by an outro that summarises the song.