Namibian super-artist Proklaim is on a roll…he’s releasing one song after the other, completely different in emotions, vibes, and direction…he’s making yet another hit with his latest single “Righteous”.

Proklaim goes for a hard-hitting R&B direction, with powerful beats, fast and unique cadence…smooth vocal flow…

The artist almost always includes and showcases the power of Afro music and beats…and he’s introducing some great elements with “Righteous”…the huge backing vocal sections…the percussive elements…

Proklaim is taking up a huge challenge, not only is he showcasing his talents, but he’s also showcasing the power of Afro music…and that is absolutely brilliant on all fronts.

“Righteous” was recorded at Pin Pushaz Studios and Mixed and Mastered by Audio Art Namibia, and was the product of coming across a beat that gave Proklaim the urge to create…

Proklaim’s vision for the song is based on the ethos that “to get any feat achieved one needs to take each day as one in which a step forward is made”.

Proklaim is one artist to follow for sure…he’s on fire, and releases brilliant songs left and right like it’s nothing…

Wishing the great artist all the best, I can’t wait for what’s coming up.


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