Daniel Berry @daninsxnity (IG)

Hip hop artist Rella based in Wellington, New Zealand released a very beautiful and vulnerable song called ‘ Rockstar’, which will surprise you with the meaning and lyrics on the 19th of January. The song is produced by prolific producer Boyfifty who worked with great artists like Tory Lanez and Polo G. We’re always fishing for emotional hip-hop music that isn’t just about money, power, and sex, which Rella does a great job of giving us this opportunity. He has an emphasis on modern rap and bedroom pop vocals which really shows as he is devoid of hardcore beats and harsh melodies, so it’s always exciting to see his unique mix of hip hop and mellow/ sad undertones in his version of the genre. He has almost 6.5 million streams on Spotify. 

Touching and reaching to grab the neck of your heart, the song is really all about expressing the hardest of emotions. It speaks of a fake love that is dependent on exploiting money and power. Here, we’re talking about the love that is tainted with agenda. Rella really goes all out with his sorrow over the sad truth of his latest partner, who loves his things more. We can all relate to somebody who made us believe that they love us for who we are but this isn’t true. The overall sound of the song is passionate and painful. The mood is rainy and weepy. The soundscape is more of a soft emo rap that isn’t really rap kind of sound. The musical arrangement is rich and dynamic, with a loop of beautiful acoustic guitar, and a mellow and soft vibe. There is a saxophone playing, and drums that are very light. The song is slow-paced and highly melodic. It’s tasteful and sad at the same time. Rella, please make more music that reaches the pits of our existence.



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