Rooting For My Baby by Kelsie Kimberlin


The amount of songs released in support of the Ukrainian cause in the past year has become out of control, and with good reason. But while there are a few artists riding the wave for publicity or trendiness, some others have approaches so unique and fresh that they demand immediate respect and attention, and Kelsie Kimberlin’s latest single is definitely among the latter.

Based in Washington DC, Kelsie Kimberlin is an American-Ukrainian artist. A singer-songwriter whose brand of radio-friendly pop is sweet and wholesome, with messages that aim to unite people regardless of any form of categorization, and this adds invaluable credibility to her latest song, released in the support of Ukraine during her enduring hardships. Conceived during a brutal raid that left thousands of Ukrainians without running water or electricity, Kelsie’s support comes in the form of a cover of -none other than- Miley Cyrus’s Rooting For My Baby. While nobody would call Rooting For My Baby a particularly cheerful song, still the lyrical themes are a stretch to associate with a humanitarian cause as pressing as support for Ukraine, and this is why Kelsie’s version is incredibly easy to digest.

Not taking it so seriously, Kelsie’s cover is well made. Passionately sung and beautifully produced, the minimal arrangements make way for Kelsie’s delivery to take center stage, effectively calling Ukraine, her native country, her baby, which is affectionate and sweet in a surprising manner. The beautiful cause and masterful execution leave us with what is essentially a brilliant cover of the original song, one that will be easy to enjoy regardless of time, but the deep inception story will forever add weight and value to this release, even when it’s being enjoyed only for its musical merits.

A solid cover in support of a dire cause made with a lightheartedness that aims to brighten the very dark times that the Ukrainians are living. Executed with mastery and efficiency, Kelsie Kimberlin’s Rooting For My Baby is a delightful listen at any time.


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