Running by Moody Mac


Moody Mac just released his latest single “Running”…a melodic genre-bending song that talks about running away from a toxic relationship that is toxic, even though you might even know that there is love in your heart for that person, but even so,  you have to let go.

Moody’s philosophy of musical expression is all about self expression and the reason for pursuing passion and living the dream.

He is based in Munich, Germany…and he experienced a lot of moving and traveling when at a young age and he even says that this experience might have affected his way of expression…and he actually moved from expressing himself from hip-hop, to rap, to rock, to punk…wherever he feels most comfortable telling his stories through music.

…and that is evident in his latest single “Running”…Moody starts his story with a hip-hop mood and then Moody flips everything on its head and jumps into a more rock song…

The fusing between both hip-hop and rock is giving us very fresh vibes, it’s nothing we’ve heard before and it’s something very new…kudos to Moody for giving the audiences something like that.

Speaking of this fusion…Moody has some also mixed influences that includes lil wayne and paramore…and that makes sense…combining Moody’s background while growing up along with his musical influences, that gave us Moody’s unique musical flavor in creating tunes and fusing genres.

Moody recorded “Running” at a studio near Munich, Germany and purchased the instrumental producer Kisses Beats…who did a great job of capturing the mixed influences that Moody likes to create his art with.

Moody, we wish you all the best in life, you’re giving the world a unique take on music and song…can’t wait to hear what you have next up your sleeve.


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