Rules by Tahjae


With raw rapping, wild lyricism, and a contagious fact pace, Tahjae is setting the rules firmly and putting together a gripping life manual in his clear-cut hit, “Rules.”

Tahjae is the well-known name of the Florida-based rapper Tahjae Wilson. His passion for writing poetry grew before he became a powerful lyricist, as he wrote poems that he later turned into lyrics. A spark was lit when he uploaded a mixtape, he made on Soundcloud, and it had 100,000 listens in a short period of time. Today, the skilled artist crafts the natural flows of hip-hop, uses his abilities to express himself, and creates pieces that, aside from the dope vibes, resonate with others.


“Rules” is, as its title suggests, a punch of rules that were placed to guarantee a place at the top. It’s a way of life, and based on the explicit, worthwhile lyrics, Tahjae seems to have figured things out. The artist has such a genuine style that makes the track appealing to any hip-hop fan. His rich rapping flowed seamlessly with the vigorous beats in a savage manner, offering an edgy, confident impression.

The single’s simple yet effective musicality offers a bright yet tense atmosphere. The synth is aligning with the bars and how they are delivered, setting his own rules to leave his manifest mark. It creates an intense soundscape that backs up the fiery singing really well.

It doesn’t take much time to realize that Tahjae is a witty singer and songwriter. He is a prolific artist who knows how to match the energy of his writing and performing to result in a tight production. His execution is polished and captures the best of his qualities. Tahjae, here, is a star that will penetrate the rap scene in no time.