Run Away (Into the Night) by Olym


“Will you run into the night?!” This is the master question that has been asked by the New York-based singer, songwriter, lyricist, and producer OLYM in his second musical release “Run Away”. Where choices are the core concept that this song is centered on. Would you choose to let go of all the things that hold you back and go on a trip in the nights of New York City to experience the real dangerous, mysterious, and unpredictable life?!

The freshly released “Run Away” is a sequel to OLYM’s debut single “Finest Hour”. The cleverness in choosing both the name of the song and its topic makes it easier for fans to see the 2 songs as a full story of someone who is trying to let go of all the conservatism in his life and run away into the night. Trying to find his day’s or maybe life’s finest hours.

The release of OLYM’s second song after one year of his first song “Finest Hour” reflects the development and evolution of OLYM’s musical style. Also, his skills as an artist in producing a song that is richer in the upbeats and has multi-layers of vocals influenced by Euro-pop and funk styles.

No wonder the “Finest Hour” vibes have been widely liked by listeners, reaching 16K on Spotify and more than 131k on SoundCloud, given the inspirational elements used by OLYM in producing his music. The newest released song can be considered as a sum-up of the elements that shaped OLYM’s experience as an Artist. Starting from his life in New York, and how much he is influenced by Madonna, Versace, and the philosophy of his life. This combination is presented through the fusion of classical instruments, choir, dance-pop, and disco, resulting in the creation of a vibrant electronic pop piece.



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