Smile by SpaceR


All the way from the outskirts of Prague we have a piece of the cutest house music that you might be able to find today. SpaceR is a Czech music producer whose sphere is what can be called the progressive house, and if that sounds like an obscure niche of electronica, it’s probably because that is the case. What’s refreshing is the pristine layer of positivity that SpaceR manages to drape his music with.

Happy music can be a tricky concept. In today’s world where mental health issues, constant geopolitical strife, and generalized malaise are prevalent in the air we breathe, it’s somewhat rare to find an artist willing to go to that place. Happy music can require nuance to deliver that emotion unfiltered, unaltered, and truthful. What SpaceR manages to achieve is what be described as a mild success. It’s a success, but that’s a little bit flawed.

Smile is a syrupy piece of music. Incessantly positive, relentlessly cheerful. All elements aim to serve this function, and while nothing is over the top or cringeworthy, there’s something a little off-putting about this massive amount of merriness. It ends up sounding a little untrustworthy, like a TV ad showing a mother incredibly happy that her daughter has finally got her brain microchipped… the music is nice and is perfectly fine, but the message does not inspire massive trust. With that being said, and putting the tinfoil hat aside, Smile is a ton of fun. The production is top-notch. The sounds are all well-curated and fit their pockets in the mix like a glove. The liquid gold synth pads cover everything in a succulent layer of glitter, the beats are solid and perfectly danceable, the arpeggiated melodies are all sweet and shimmery, and the sound design is consistent on the whole.

SpaceR’s message is ridiculously sweet to the point of it being difficult to believe, or maybe I’m just a very trusting person. All in all, Smile is beautifully put-together and is very pretty, and I’ve got to admit, it did put a smile on my face. 


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