Tongue Particles by Sebastian Clarin


After his debut album “Arial Cuts”, Sebastian became the talk of the town, making huge waves and splashes like a tsunami…and now he’s back, he can’t stop making music and he’s hungrier for more with his latest single “Tongue Particles”.

Sebastian hails from Stockholm, Sweden…a land that gave the world so many great musical memories…very melodic memories that span many worlds, from the world of rock to pop to indie and everything in between.

Sebastian worked with producer Tobias Isaksson from ‘The Future Sound of Stockholm’ (Azure Blue, Nite Flights) to create a musical journey that captures the essences of raw unfiltered electropop and synth while taking nostalgic moments from the 80s and fusing everything together…creating a unique yet familiar experience…and that’s “Tongue Particles”.

The song has a true and raw direction with strong synth arpeggios and heavily affected vocal performance…it feels retro, yet modern…this is one of the strong points for sure that “Tongue Particles” has…it also has the melodic point to it…

The melodies and background music are both produced with high quality standards in mind…Tobias captured the essence of what Sebastian wanted to convey to the audience and they both worked together to make something extremely solid.

“Tongue Particles” has a huge wall of sound of synths, with many ambient elements lurking in the background…adding flavor and depth to the experience.

Sebastian also has a unique vocal delivery, it makes him a storyteller and an actor besides being a singer too…I can only imagine this song being played live…it has this feeling of ‘it has to be played live’ to it.

The experience that Sebastian gives us with his latest single “Tongue Particles” is an electronic storytelling one, something you can enjoy hearing, something that you can move to and something ultimately very enjoyable.

Wishing you Sebastian all the best in the world…we’ll be on the lookout for new projects, can’t wait.


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