Sacred Sinner by Umberto Bravo

Luca Bizzi

The fresh release “Sacred Sinner” is the Italian independent singer, songwriter, and composer Umberto Bravo’s second single. It’s a bold take where he presents the feeling of a groaning heart, the sound of nostalgia and modernity, and the vocals of a sentimental, skilled performer.

Umberto Bravo has been around the music industry for a while, presenting covers and being the leader of a band called “The Prog-Ram Band.” However, he started his official solo career when he released his first single, “Real,” in 2021, and now he’s back with his flamboyant sophomore release, “Sacred Sinner.”

“Sacred Sinner” is a pop song that has an 80s vibe and a gospel hint, giving it a timeless ambiance. All the song’s elements serve to offer the same sentiments, which are longing, agony, and heartbreak. The lyrical content depicts a topic that not many discuss, which is being used as a sexual object while there’s an actual partner that takes all the affection and you’re just there for selfish pleasure, which is not what you desire.

The musical composition, the vocals, the lyrics, the production, and the music video all have the atmospheric flair of pain, guilt, being unfaithful, and being desperate for more. Umberto Bravo’s soulful vocals convey the ache of a burning heart and a yarning soul that aspires to be both an emotional and physical partner, but all it gets is the label “Sacred Sinner.” He delivers vulnerability and suffering in an intense manner.

The layered texture with the subtle guitar, bright synths, and melodic strings, along with the harmonic background vocals, give the ideal balance between both retro and futuristic flairs. The mellow yet edgy pace suits the theme’s mood and goes well with the singing timbre. The entire production creates the desired sultry mood.

The music video features yellow and red imagery, starring the multi-talented artist himself, and much aesthetic, including ravishing sites. Visualizing the hopeless craving of a “Sacred Sinner.”

What’s coming next is the six-track EP, “Melting Pop,” so keep an eye on Umberto Bravo’s social accounts to enjoy his characteristic sound.



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