Waiting Syndrome by IRYS

VI productions

The Berlin-based artist IRYS has been carving her name among the electro music scene since she started two years ago, and as she releases new music, her trademark shines day after day. Her most recent song, “Waiting Syndrome,” which she used to wrap up the year 2022, mixes her ambient, moody musical style with alluring vocals and expressive lyrics.

I firmly believe that in order to create a masterpiece, one does not require sophisticated tools; rather, one requires exceptional talent. IRYS, who is a multi-talented artist, set a valid example of my theory. She does all of her songs in her bedroom, resulting in compelling and dope pieces that she wrote, recorded, and produced all by herself, like a proband.

“Waiting Syndrome” takes on a hypnotic journey in the darkest galaxies of the mind, where the procrastinator’s self-destructive thoughts try to take the lead and cause one to crash. IRYS, as a talented singer and songwriter, has a knack for using her blended sound and seductive vocals to depict this inner struggle.

From the intro to the outro, the single offers an edgy atmosphere and a haunting aura, like a mind being reset to be led by negativity. The atmospheric, smokey arrangement is made up of hypnotic backdrops, mystical beats, and a driving, thick synth. The entire murky production draws attention to the musician’s skills, her coherent writing and performing, and her distinctive, peculiar sound, which features the best elements of diverse genres.

What ties all the ingredients together is IRYS’ seductive vocal line. She has the ability to sound both angelic and devilish at once. Owning both dulcet and daring timbres makes her performance irresistible.

IRYS is surely a rising star who aims to deliver polished music. She gives every component her attention; even the track titles are carefully chosen to be subtle and catchy. I wonder what else she has up her sleeve and how she’ll outdo herself next.



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