Set Me Free (Ft. Sequelachi & Basia Kolasa) by Kejcz


Sometimes it takes only one class to change your perspective and life goals. Originally a cinematographer, Kejcz fell in love with music during his film music classes, which later inspired him to compose and produce his music. With two previous single releases, “Dr. Jekyll” in 2016 and “Gone for Good” in 2020, the Polish artist dazzles us with yet another single, “Set Me Free.”

A dynamic, EDM, dance track with a booming sound and a vibe like no other, if you started creating your summer playlist, “Set Me Free” should undoubtedly be on the top. The song’s intro is powerful enough to hook you up with the first 30 seconds. The instrumental track was created in 2021, and after suggestions from the artist’s publisher, the vocal line was later added. Basia Kolasa is on the lead vocal line with her powerful and aesthetically unique voice. Together with; Sequelachi on backup vocals, create a unique color, flavor, and harmony like no other. The song was recorded in the studio of Marek Dulewicz, who did fascinating work mixing and mastering the track. This track is not one you want to miss!!



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