Shine by Carl Liungman


Rising solo pianist and artistic soul Carl Liungman from Huarod, Sweden released a sweet and uplifting creation in the form of an album called ‘Shine’, on the 17th of November. Gracing is with some largely missed classical music, this album will take you to a faraway land adorned in peace and beauty. Carl is largely inspired by the sound of Coldplay, Hans Zimmer, John Legend, and Argo Part. The album was produced in his home studio in southern Sweden. In 2020, Carl released the album ‘Born’, the complete opposite sound of his newest creation. His aim is to spread messages through his music that encourage the listeners to make reflections on the core of life. 

A masterpiece with its light, and hopefulness this album’s momentum is everything when it comes to the way the music was composed. As you listen, you feel like the music is melting into each other from the warmth they emit. The star of all the brilliant thirteen tracks is obviously the piano, which really feels like it’s speaking to you personally and compassionately. The overall sound of the album is friendly and mellow. The soundscape is nothing but the piano pieces with sometimes a slightly violinist feeling. Because of the upbeat tone the album is built on, most of the piano playing is high-pitched and over the top in satisfying your happy vibes. 

What’s really special and identifies the emotional state of each song is the time of the distance between each note, along with its intensity whether it’s fast or slow paces. There is also always a cheerful piano melody that is then layered with free piano playing that sets the emotive story of the track. In many tracks, each piano note takes its time as it’s being played, like you’re being asked to complete every single tone. Sometimes the music feels like raindrops, a light brush of warm wind, or some fall leaves blowing and other times in much more intense piano playing you feel like a river or an ocean flowing. 

The order of the songs has nothing in particular in respect to the context or storytelling, but from the names of the songs which are mostly emotional states and positive words like ‘rare’ and ‘lullaby’, and the most cheerful music, it seems that the theme is all about hope, dreams and rising above anything. Nonetheless,  We would’ve loved to see some darker notes, to signify even more of the overwhelming feelings of positivity in the album. Highlighting some rain would be marvelous to let the rainbow shine even more. a beautiful and relaxing experience, you must add this album to your morning routines, or stressful days for a better mood and rejuvenation of hope.


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