Show Me What You Live For by Nicholas Langdon


Sometimes we can go to great lengths to make something work. We think, then plan, then toil, then think some more to achieve something spectacular and memorable, that’ll never be as good as when the stars simply align, and everything magically falls into place…

The Preston native Brit, Nicholas Langdon, is here with his debut double-sided single. Side A is ‘Show Me What You Live For’. A starry-eyed crossover between Oasis, Coldplay & The National. Despite what I said, Nick thought, planned, and toiled then thought some more to create this little gem. But it’s a certain mystical element that makes this song work that well (at least to my ears). Maybe because I happen to be a fan of every single artist that this song reminds me of. 

A percussive synth plays a minimalistic Coldplay-tinged melody that persists and hangs quite well in the ears. Massive drums with well-calculated reverb add a beautiful depth with powerful rock beats full of attitude. And then comes Langdon’s commanding baritone singing a very simple melody that astonishingly complements the synth melody, achieving together a quality that’s as eventless as the humdrum nature of the everyday life events Nick sings of, and also as sweet and as reassuring as these can be.

A lesson in restraint, and awareness of coloration. How not to create a jumble of images and colors and moods, but instead to paint with a steady hand and a complementing palette. A very beautiful and passionate listen that’s also smart and catchy and musically intricate and complete.


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