Make Me Smile by THE PULLTOPS


With an acoustic guitar-based intro, you’d be tricked to think that the ferocious alt-rockers have changed their ways, but it doesn’t take long to realize that their anthemic ways can take many guises, and ‘Make Me Guises’ is as good as any of them.

 Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, The Pulltops are a duo who are steeped to their shoulders in rock, but while their previous releases have seen a more alternative take on the genre, with unusual instrumental textures here and electronic flairs there. This time around, The Pulltops are giving us a sweet love song that is just about that one person who will always be able to make us smile, and for that notion, the duo has gone with an all-out blaring contrast between delicate, acoustic-based verses, and thunderous, anthemic choruses.

 ‘Make Me Smile’ is a continued display of The Pulltops’ amazing vocal presence, with a delicious layering job of harmonies that create a rich tapestry. For the music, the duo went with a simplistic, 3-part composition, with gentle, easy-going acoustic verses, reaffirming and loud choruses, and a tearjerking bridge, creating a terrifically pulling contrast between the sections of the song.

 ‘Make Me Song’ is a song that draws you in with its meaning and with its straightforward honesty. Mark Pierret and Tom Crowell have given us one more single worth the time, proving the duo to be a capable songwriting machine.


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