Slowly Burning Feelings by DRAUMR


After the success of his single, “In a Daze,” Draumr is back with the sensational dreamy pop song, “Slowly Burning Feelings,” which conveys vulnerability through nostalgic and contemporary flairs.

“Slowly Burning Feelings” differs from the previous output “In A Daze” in style, which showcases the diversity of Gabriel Cheurfa, the solo French musician, producer, and director behind the musical project Draumr.

The song instantly pulls you in with its nostalgic vibe from the first note. The melody and the enticing vocals’ 80s vibe give off the impression that you have traveled back in time to a more peaceful time when you could process your feelings and thoughts about looking for a genuine connection while listening to expressive, evocative music and feeling the chill of deserted roads at night.

There’s a sense of warmth in each component that makes one feel touched. The lyrics are poetic, portraying both hesitation and hope. The rich, haunting vocals are the centerpiece that effortlessly grabs one’s attention and charms them to listen to the number again and again. The instrumentation backs the vocals up beautifully, adding melodic layers and urging one to stand up and sway with the rhythm.

This is the soundscape you didn’t know you needed in your day to feel serene. It might be displaying emotional issues, but it finds its way to soothe you.