In A Daze by Draumr


The fresh steamy, yet upbeat number “In A Daze” by Draumr is a gripping adventure into limbo where one can be lost with a chance to be found by an awaited rescuer.

Draumr is the alter ego of the solo French musician, producer, and director Gabriel Cheurfa. The musical project “Draumr” takes its name from the Ancient Norse word for “dream,” and it certainly fits within the dreamy, escapade-like, and blended fabric of fantasy and realism’s sonic landscape.

A mystic intro opens the song, which soon progresses to a vibrant flow. The charismatic vocals tie all the components together to offer one atmospheric output. With the vocal line having both delicacy and smoky timbres, it certainly fires up the heat and urges one to groove along with the uplifting blended sound. The adventure is powered by the artistry of Draumr and his own crafted sound of mashing Pop, Electronica, Nu-Disco, and Lo-Fi elements, resulting in an airy experimental flavor.

Each ingredient falls smoothly into the matrix, creating a harmonic, boosting soundscape with layers of sensitivity. It’s incredible how it all conveys the single’s title and theme! While the infectious melodies entice you to get beneath the disco ball and bust a move, you’ll feel the “dazed and confused” ambiance all around you.

The synth-driven track doesn’t take all the fun exclusively in its dope musical composition, it allows the space for a music video to take the role in finalizing the transition to the banger realm when one gets to be in a daze yet kick up their heels. The video has aesthetic red footage with some other hazy colored balls interfering, and Draumr shows us how a man can wonder, “Did I ever try to break free?” and be immersed in the outstanding musicality at once.

Mixed feelings, retro and contemporary uniting, and witty talent are all demonstrated in “In A Daze” below.






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