Libby Danforth

Destiny Rayne, who goes by the stage name “DESTÍNA” just dropped her latest single “Who Am I” which is quite motivating, revolutionary, soft, powerful, and also danceable, a song that is all about the fun of pop music.

DESTÍNA tries to show her voice to succeed and says “I’m human”, I feel sad and look forward to perfection in all aspects of life because I am a real woman and no one has the right to see myself as nothing. A revolutionary statement with a soft, sparkling female voice that carries in its content the strength and courage to face this world that surrounds you and tries to silence everything in you.

“Who Am I” is a song that serves as a true and realistic translation for everyone who is trying to find their identity as it is, and that the fear and hurt that he has been experiencing all his life is time to stop because it has affected him and he must get rid of it because simply “Who Am I when I don’t” t try.”

I could feel Camila Cabello’s soul floating around but in the voice of DESTÍNA, who was able to pick a mix of fun pop and hip-hop over lyrics that sound serious and powerful.

The song tricks you in the first minute, leading you to think that the music will stay that way with the slow tempo in which you feel a light LO-FI vibe with synth-pop-inspired tones and sonic echoes. Only to surprise you with the sudden heavy hits that announce a new rhythm with another start of recognition in which the character transforms ending with DESTÍNA’s voice on “Everything I need is inside me, I’m not sorry”.

“Who Am I” is the singer’s third single which appeared on season 17 of “The Voice” on NBC, such a remarkable achievement for the talented young artist who is trying to carve out a place for herself in the vast world of pop.