222 by Hannah Dorman


A UK artist “Hannah Dorman” Came out with a new EP Album that will get you feeling nostalgic towards the music she made in this one called “222” which is released on the 5th of August, 2022. 

This mini album has a total of 4 songs that will send you back to the early 2000s with the aesthetic energy that emits from it.

The EP album is called “222” which is an angelic number that is a message of hope, harmony, commitment, compromise, and trust. Hannah has put in 4 namings of each song in this EP that will later build on the goals that she wants to reach to in her music career.

“Gasoline,” “Gullible,” “No Boys Allowed,” and “Perfect” are the titles she named each song of them that has an energetic and girly pop vibe to it. This was managed to be written by Hannah herself and Ivon Roberts and produced by Sam Ray.

The music and hyped beats in the songs just get you manifesting some positive vibes that will give you power. Hannah always had a message to connect her with the fans to get them all in the same mood and have them empowered with the lyrics she creates perfectly.

Hannah’s voice is so angelic and has a soft harmonic feel that can be detected on this EP that has a mix of pop and rock. That is perfect to listen to on a girls’ night together, I could listen to this EP all day without getting bored of the beats.