Staring off into space by Salt House Lavish


On Earth, we all struggle and stumble on a daily basis. So, we clung to any lifeline we could find. Music is an efficient way to forget about our issues and brighten our day, and if it’s a well-crafted piece, it’ll levitate us into space. Staring off into space by Salt House Lavish meets this desired result and more.


The music producer and multi-instrumentalist, Andrew Laverick, is the brilliant artist behind the solo musical project, Salt House Lavish. “Staring off into space,” from his forthcoming album “Take a Deep Breath People,” is his latest masterwork and, based on hearing it, we’re waiting for a remarkable album.

“Staring Off into Space” is a one-of-a-kind soundscape. It sounds and feels precisely like its title. For nearly three minutes, you’ll be floating in space, surrounded by darkness punctuated by colorful galaxies, gleaming stars, and whatever your imagination and sensations can conjure up while listening with your eyes closed.

The track kicks off with delicate female vocals with a melancholic tone, and as it progresses, the vocals start echoing to resonate with your heart and to fit the atmosphere. There’re mystical, dreamy vibes that make the single light, yet it’s dark-pop, psychedelic, and conveys bleak emotions. The production effortlessly hypnotizes you. And the fact that it was all recorded in the artist’s kitchen demonstrates his musicianship and how he’s pushing electronic music to new heights.

Close your eyes, loosen up, and let “Staring off into space” take you on a cosmic adventure by hitting the play button below.


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