Stay! by Fish And Scale


Fish And Scale’s latest single is a touching and deep cut of indie folk that exudes soul and intention, bringing a truly fresh and stirring sound that fuses the vintage warmth of the late Tim Buckley with the modern, soulful folk instrumentations and singing of Nick Mulvey and Amen Dunes.

Based in the beautiful German town of Nuremberg, Fish And Scale is the moniker of indie folk singer and songwriter Roland Wälzlein. Fish And Scale boasts a sound that’s acoustic and organic on their latest single, titled Stay. The warmth of the acoustic guitar is matched by the warmth of the sound of the drums on ‘Stay!’. The fingerpicked guitar part is sentimental and gentle, complimented by Roland’s impassioned vocal delivery. With a booming bass that’s elegantly arranged and fits into the song’s composition and a dynamic drum part that evolves from depending on the distinctive sound of brushes in the beginning, to heavy-handed hits in the final crescendo, the result is a song that’s perfectly crafted, nuanced, and well balanced. The production does a beautiful job with the rich organ in the final half of the song. Overall, ‘Stay’ is a beautiful and lush-sounding song that’s as intricately written, as it is sung and produced. A defined, fulfilling listen.

The enriching lyrical themes on Stay are touching and have universal appeal, imploring the listeners to breathe, and to be as honest and emotional as they can be in order to realize that we are alive and to allow ourselves to be engulfed by the present time. Intimate, stirring, and thought-provoking. ‘Stay’ is a weighted and precious listen.