Sunny by Lukx


Nils Malmport’ Lukx is a project born out of father-son collaborations. Pumping out solid, elegant, chill Euro R&B, with great standards of quality in the production and lyrics departments.

Based in Ramillies, Belgium. A little south of Brussels, which is a little south of the sea, ironically, this song is the perfect beach bop. Summery, chill, driving, and warm. The rich production is made even richer by solid songwriting and lyricism. Groovy beats on top of an emotional chord progression, and heartfelt singing. Tingles, bells, and many flittering effects playing sweet little melodies fade in and out of views like small birdies hopping all over the place, on top of a solid sub-bass groove and an expertly crafted trap beat.

Lukx’s Sunny is a down-tempo, R&B piece that asks deep questions, imploring the listeners to jump into whatever they fear most, headfirst. With a stunning combination of French rap sections, almost at a whisper level, emotionally sung parts with bluesy melodies, sweetly familiar chord progressions, and beautiful production, it’s all here.


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