Summer Feelin by Beth Macari


The time of having fun is here…it’s summer and we have an anthemic song to guide us through this time for maximum enjoyment.

Beth Macari’s “Summer Feelin” is upon us to take us from our hands and take us into the summer season…this song is a melting pot of many genres and it gracefully blends them together to give us a very solid summer feeling experience.

The Newcastle based artist Beth Macari is already known for her very high quality productions, whether audio or visuals…her music videos are of the highest quality, so is her sonic values.

From a visual point of view, “Summer Feelin” is catchy, nostalgic yet fresh…the way its shot if a blend of two things…the first is that its shot from the perspective of a small reel camera…the second thing is that even though it is shot like this, it feels like the person who’s shooting this reel video camera is a hollywood blockbuster director…it looks phenomenal.

The music video for “Summer Feelin” is filmed and directed by Daniel Patrick Vaughan…awesome work here people.

For the sonic side of things, the audio world…of course Beth’s musical production standards are already of the highest order, however, Beth is always one step ahead…even of herself and always raising the bar and challenging herself…resulting in a very easy listening dance/pop experience that has many catchy hooks and many ear-worm melodies that will stick with us for a long time.

The way the music is presented to us is in a way that is both making us active, but chill, making us want to dance the day and night away, but while being chill…this is the best way to enjoy summer.

With such amazing production values and catchy melodies…Beth’s star will only shine brighter by the passing day…we’re sure in a matter of no time, Beth will be on the international scale with huge audiences attending her live performances.

Speaking of which…Beth has an upcoming summer show at the Hardwick Live Festival (alongside Melanie C, Freya Ridings & more great acts)…so make sure to check her latest releases and upcoming performances by following her on social media and visiting her official website.

Beth, we wish you all the best in the world, you deserve it.

Can’t wait to see what you bring to the world next.


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