Riot by IRYS

VI productions

A new sound is introduced, fusing multiple genres into a track that sounds a lot like electro-pop, and trap, and also we can state that deep house is introduced too.

Hailing from Berlin, Germany the rising dark electro-pop star IRYS is dropping a new single titled ‘Riot’ and frankly, this ‘Riot’ is what is controlling me right now, emotionally and mentally as it contains numerous genres as mentioned before. And lyrically it messes up with some hidden wounds.

And emotionally, it lies somewhere between all those feelings you’ve been traumatized and running away from and where you have to face them.

Unlike the track’s title, ‘Riot’ starts in a very organized way as electro-bass is the first to sound then accompanied by a groovy low-toned drum as if it is some kind of Madonna’s hit track. Then IRYS gasps her vocal lines which are very expressive of the lyrics.

I believe that the lyrics needed to be deeper and IRYS needed to sound more in vain through her choices of vocabularies, lyrics sound repetitive and don’t offer a vibe of new catchphrases or something, something to ignite the track.

Speaking of ignition, the track also lacked pacing up the flow as it kept a certain pace the whole track and only paced up a little in choruses. Maybe the dark pop controlled the pace of it according to the artist’s perspective.

Also, the mellow keyboard melodies played in the background of the track sounded very psychedelic and added excitement to the track’s overall vibe.

The promising electro-pop star has grasped our attention surely through her latest singles such as Circles, Ride or Die, Weirdo, and surely the track we talked about all over the article Riot. We surely will be waiting for more to be heard!


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