Talk To Me by Lakshay Goyal


19-year-old South Asian singer-songwriter Lakshay Goyal currently based in Jacksonville; Florida appears to have an explosive talent pool. Help him find his place in this vast world while still experimenting with a range of sounds and patterns.

Goyal’s talent lies in his ability to put together addictive melodies, evidenced over 2 min 36 sec by his bouncy, fast-paced Afro-pop song “Talk To Me”, a perfect dance melody that makes you rock with Goyal’s lively performance.

Jacksonville stands out as a captivating acoustic piece with a soothing piano driving a calm, heated main vocal over a lively drum beat, making it a multi-purpose song for any mood.

Born out of personal experience, this song is a whirlwind of seductive feelings conveyed by Goyal’s vocal performance, he perfectly captures this longing, this attraction he feels, and his passion to win the love of a girl the moment he meets her, and makes you savor what the words will tell you when the music surrounds you with a dancing aura Sensual with that special person.

In Jacksonville, you can hear Lakshay Goyal sing from the bottom of his heart that beats with eagerness and love because he wants to make music that is relevant to all types of listeners using realistic lyrics and catchy melodies worth listening to.


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