Temple of the Dead by Fang Su


I discovered the perfect way to enjoy this song; you let it loop, and somewhere in the timeline your mind will stop trying to find the “song” and will tumble and fall into the “sounds” instead.

I spent nearly 30 minutes actively replaying the piece (by tapping the replay button every time it ended) while my mind searched for and failed to find words to describe what I was hearing. I eventually got bored of tapping and of searching, so I told the app to loop the song.. And voila!

Fang Su is a fresh face from Bowling Green, Kentucky. He does his own brand of electronic music. Sparse, minimal, melodic, dry, and confusing. This piece, for example, an instrumental that lasts less than two-and-a-half minutes, is just that. The tiny little sections that compose the body of the piece last roughly 30–40 seconds each. The percussion leads the way and plays not-at-all conventional beats that break apart, pop, and jump abruptly all the way through. Nothing arrhythmic, though, just quirky enough to keep the tinny guitars and other effects meaningful and in motion.

A weird little number that I first approached with animosity, and found nothing of value in it to report, only to find it seriously hypnotizing and enjoyable only if you give it time and a chance to take you where it wants to take you… And if you squint real hard, that place might just be a Temple of the Dead.


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