Thank You by Kubota and Kingsford


With a soft overlap between HIP-HOP, Lofi Hip-Hop, Jazz-hop, and US Rap style singing, the music artist Kubota and producer Kingsford offer us a great piece of art they called “Thank You,” in a collaboration that is their second after an earlier release called Sequel in 2021.

“Lots of songs on the same topic, but Kubota and Kingsford offer you something different, saying that “this song is just the beginning.” It is a charge of positivity, self-esteem, and experiences that we gain through relationships, even after the end, or when they end, meaning that all relationships should not end in anger and hate. But maybe with “Thank You.”

Losing beautiful prospects” did not prevent them from admitting that the experience and the attempt to win love were worth everything. And in words that carry a great deal of romance that implicitly expresses the end of the relationship, it takes you over the clouds that were the source of this love but were not written to be lived.

A painting in which the color of romance is mixed with the color of regret and the color of wishing the best to the partner is the song Thank You, which can dance to its regular rhythms and its idyllic sentences drawn primarily at sunset, but perhaps this time alone with their wishes for you the best days.

Edited by: Viola Karmy


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