The Chemist by Forts


Dark pop is a genre that you don’t come across every day, when adding the word ‘dark’ to ‘pop’ it’s usually because the pop song is in a minor key or that synths are incorporated. Forts were able to pull it off and get their vision across well with their new release “The Chemist”. Between the title of the song, the synths used, and the reverb added to make it seem like a dream, an illusion, and as if you’re in a distant space, to the vocal style and approach. It’s all aligned with the main idea behind the song which is PMDD and mental issues. PMDD is a disorder that causes unbalance in the way the brain perceives the hormonal and chemical changes in the body, resulting in a range of emotional swings as serious as suicidal thoughts. A subject that is very personal and authentic that “Mars” the lead singer of the band, has been through and felt the need to speak out about it. The song reflects this disease as a monster and the artist is the chemist, trying to tame it and balance it out. She is trying to get her message across to everyone who is struggling with mental health issues, that they are not alone and to not let their issues get the best of them, and that there is more to them than their illness. It’s beautiful how someone can use their art, music, and talents to get an important and meaningful message across. 

But who are Forts anyway? A charming trio with Mary Clare (Mars) as the lead singer, lyricist, and electronic producer of the band. Colton Jones, who co-produces, plays the push and electronic drum pads live and has extensive knowledge in playing many instruments. Along with Isaiah Gutierrez on drums. The 3 of them were high school friends and that was their first encounter. They are mainly influenced by artists who sing the same type of genre; dark, alternative pop with some fantasy elements, like Phantogram, Purity Ring, Grimes, Nero, and Deftones. You can check the band’s website to know more about their previous releases and hits. 


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