The Cream of Portland’s Gourmet Set by Step Into the Kitchen


It’s OK to ask what’s happening from one time to another, which is what I found myself doing (more than one) listening to this. Being repetitively surprised during the span of a single song is truly an achievement that’s equally difficult and rare

Step Into the Kitchen is a Portland-based gem of a band. Fearlessly diving into experimental, psychedelic, and freak folk on songs with majestic names such as ‘The Cream of Portland’s Gourmet Set’… truly exceptional. This song belongs more in the psychedelic branch of their operations.

Falling somewhere between the Caribbean and Mediterranean, the tremolo-picked Mandolins and Reggae beats are a delightful combo that’s truly novel to my ears. While wordless, this song isn’t voiceless; being dominated by lush layers of melodic, youthful chants that sit in the forefront of the mix. Cut mostly into 2 sections, that play the roles of light… and more light. Near the 2-minute mark, the song morphs into an all-new thing that’s majestic and tribal. Beautifully composed and performed with love and intention. Don’t miss the playful bassline that pulls all the strings from the background.

Songs composed, produced, and mixed with this much purpose and intention are a force to be reckoned with. While, admittedly, I can’t suggest that freak psych folk is the world’s most popular genre, I also can’t see why anyone wouldn’t be able to enjoy such an energetic, playful, expertly crafted piece of lush, culturally confusing music. Thanks for the refreshing confusion, guys! Keep ‘em coming.