The Ones Who Don’t Sleep by Sïan Able


“For some of us, falling asleep is innate, for others, it is an eternal pursuit.” ― Sïan Able


The Brussels-based rising and poignant artist, Sïan Able, has made a melancholic yet dreamy anthem for all those who suffer from insomnia out there, offering them a consoler friend who could shut the overthinking for a while.


“The Ones Who Don’t Sleep” has a blue, gloomy atmosphere yet somehow has a soothing effect thanks to the mellow piano notes and melodic vocals. Both instruments and vocals brilliantly depict what sleepless nights feel like when one tries to reassure themselves and calm down, but their thoughts attack like an unexpected storm.


The piano opens the single delicately, and soon Sïan Able’s sombre yet dulcet vocals enter and create a dreamlike ambiance that, soon enough, with the realistic, aching lyrics, becomes more of a nightmarish one. With the rest of the instruments and the backing vocals overlapping, it gives the feeling of bright lights refusing to let go every time you close your eyes, trying to sleep.


How each element of the song delivers both light and dark vibes is impressive and well delivered. It somehow leaves you relieved and down at the same time. And that’s a side of insomnia, as the lyrics poetically convey.


The song features the departed Nina Simone’s voice with one of her memorable words that sounds like the shining answer to being set free. It interferes with Sïan’s sincere performance, offering the feel of many voices in one head and flying, conflicted thoughts.


Lastly, the music captures the sleepless ghosts of the night. It’s so real that you’ll see yourself in it if you had one of those nights when you wanted to sleep but you did everything but that. It’s well-thought-of, and the red and blue footage, along with Sïan Able’s honest performance, makes it authentic.


It’s definitely a recommended companion for your sleepless nights. You’ll feel less lonely with a rhythmic touch.


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