Live Again by Serena Kaos


Serena Kaos is a Portuguese artist currently based in the UK. Her songs are stunningly open, sublimely crafted pieces of indie pop, ‘Live Again’ is a perfect case in point.

The delicate instrumentation is entered quite tastefully into the massive mix, with floating synth pads creating a dazzlingly inviting atmosphere with the mysterious chords, while the gently strummed guitar plays a cozy part with a watery, clean tone, with the Vibrato bar used quite artfully as to engorge this sense of space and lostness. The drums hammer away under massive reverb, sounding ornamental for one half, and a solid, driving beat for the other half. The highlights for me would primarily be Serena’s beautiful and warm vocal delivery, and the playfully fractured phrases she sings later in the song. Secondarily, I would pick the tasty guitar solo that plays in the instrumental coda, a striking moment.

Serena has only been in the UK for a year or so, and she’s already reaching highs with her beautiful songs which artistically deal with the Serenity, and the Chaos in life. Eloquent, mysterious, and very, very inviting sound.