The World’s Gone Up in Smoke by Johanna Dadap


It’s always impressive seeing young artists push the boundaries and speak their own minds using music especially when they have a message like what singer/songwriter Johanna Dadap did on her latest acoustic single “The World’s Gone Up in Smoke”. Johanna used her sweet voice and acoustic sense to translate her emotions while collaborating with Paul ‘Taffy’ White who took charge of other instruments so, let’s see how it went,

Johanna Dadap’s choice of going acoustic on “The World’s Gone Up in Smoke” was a pretty smart one and shows her good sense of mood and melody, the warm acoustic tone indulged in amazing harmony with that beautiful subtle piano, and Dadap’s dreamy voice. “The World’s Gone Up in Smoke” has a mellow easygoing flow with beautiful well-arranged and written melodies with a very smooth progression as it keeps on going toward a bigger and more open sound in every step, with a simple entertaining structure that’s powerfully led by Johanna Dadap’s lovely expressive vocal melody.

 “The World’s Gone Up in Smoke” is a fresh-sounding acoustic tune with warm sounds and soothing melodies, Johanna Dadap managed to unleash her music writing and playing abilities and make her message loud and clear through one hell of a catchy laidback tune. Wishing you the best of luck Johanna, I’ll be looking forward to more, cheers!


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