Do it All 4 Me by ENOKA


Enoka just dropped her latest and 3rd single release this year “Do it All 4 Me”. In less than a month the song already has over 24K streams on Spotify. It’s not surprising once you know more about this dynamic, successful Swedish artist; her previous singles have enormous streaming numbers: “Queen on the Floor” with over 167K streams, “More Than Friends” at 152K, “The Woman in Me” at 114K streams, and many more. The artist recorded vocals for several producers and artists, she participated with the likes of Gunter, Arash, Bobby Farrell from Bony M, and many other international artists. Apart from her dynamic character and notable talent, the artist has been working with powerful teams of creatives; musicians, producers, writers, and even photographers. 

“Do it All 4 Me” is a fun track with lots of passion, playfulness, and modern romance. You can feel the heat and emotional attraction through her voice, performance, and lyrics. The music has an overall smoothness, chill tunes, and a cool beat that holds it all together.  A song that will surely be admired by many R&B fans, soul, and even pop music listeners. 


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