Therapy by SACARIAS


Norwegian singer-songwriter and producer Sakarias N. Lundstad, known by the moniker SACARIAS, kicks off the year with an irresistibly catchy single “Therapy,” released on March 24th. With his debut in 2018 and the success of his single “Losing It,” Sakarias has been making a significant impact in the music scene, accumulating over half a million streams and garnering 2.5k monthly listeners on Spotify alone.

As described by Sakarias, “Therapy” delves into the challenging dynamics of dealing with individuals who consistently alter their personalities and opinions to fit in or gain influence, often at the expense of their authentic selves. The song has a vibrant and upbeat summer vibe, enriched by ambient synths, lively drums, and melodious guitar lines. Sakarias’ soulful vocals flawlessly soar above the instrumentation accompanied by a memorable sing-along vocal line in the chorus, and accentuated by top-notch vocal production.

Sakarias showcases his exceptional creativity and skill in seamlessly combining these elements into an infectious and unforgettable tune that lingers in your mind long after the song concludes. “Therapy” will surely become one of this summer’s standout hits. Don’t miss the chance to experience its magic and be sure to check out “Therapy” now.



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