I don’t want to live without you by lorenzo gabanizza


After a bunch of successful collaborative singles together, Italian singer-songwriter Lorenzo Gabanizza is once again collaborating with renowned English musician and his long-term collaborator Jeff Christie. The name of their amazing and versatile new single is “I Don’t Want To Live Without You”.

The track begins in an epic and grandiose way with almost all the instruments in the song making an accent or a brief exclamation to mark the start of the track. We are then taken to a chord progression and rhythm section during the verse. Calling the vocals legendary would still be an understatement of how amazing they’ve been done. After the verse is done and we reach the chorus, we are introduced to another cool element which is the angelic gospel choir backing the two vocalists as they sing those powerful and impactful lyrics. 

Right after the chorus, we hear the folkier instruments take over the song’s lead melody and some of the harmonies. The second verse doesn’t follow in the footsteps of the first one in an identical way, but has some slight differences….and that’s what keeps this song charming and engaging throughout its duration.

The strength of the rhythm section here makes it more akin to rock and country than folk, but they make it work with the traditional elements and the folky atmosphere in a way that I couldn’t have thought was possible. It is beyond me how this track seamlessly blends a large number of influences from a wide variety of genres like that, but the star of the show is definitely the phenomenal vocal arrangement performed by these two legendary men who have made an uptempo, upbeat, and triumphant song that is set to become a hit and a timeless classic.