There by Patty Duffey


 Direct, quick-hitting Pop that’s careless and sincere is a true blessing. ‘There’ is a bright love song that puts aside the usual romantic side of things in favor of another love that’s just as potent and as effective, a strong friendship.

Amelia’s voice is warm and accommodating. Her sound has a direct appeal and induces a comfortable feel instantly. The words are heartfelt and simple. Loyal friends are the most important ones in life, and without them, a person will be exposed and unsheltered from much more of the hardships that life carries. Amelia’s voice is backed by a bubbly band sound, with tight drums, a simple and efficient bassline, a commandeering strummed acoustic, and a gentle piano in charge of delivering the syrupy chords which sound familiar and easy.

‘There’ is about friends who are always there. A simple Pop tune that has a solid, organic band sound. Full of fantastic, effortless performances and earnest displays of restrained musicianship. There is a sweet, honest song, with a hearty message, and a beautiful sound.