Timeline by Goofy Cow

Martina Lušňáková

How many times do we listen to a song for us to decide to press “add to playlist”? Twice? Set it on repeat a few times? That’s not the case with “timeless”, by the time the song ended, I was ready to “add to playlist”. It’s very rich in musicality that there must be an element or two to relate to. 

Goofy Cow is a Czech metal band who was founded in 2015 with previous singles and extended plays that made its way from national and European radio stations all the way to North America as part of Hiddenbands project. “Timeless” is quite the leap from “Another way” or even “movement nation” released in 2021. In this single the Duo collaborated with Sigi & Brambi from “Sunset trail “who added more elements and changed the direction of the song essentially. Like the coordination between the drums and guitar line in the chorus or the crescendo and build up in the intro. Yet, the influence of the band duo is still apparent in some parts like the main melodic line. The interference of Sigi & Brambi added more diverse elements to the song, it combined softness, aggression, density, shallowness. Its diversity represents the everyday life of humanity, how everyone is so absorbed in their own stories, life and ‘screens’ that they don’t pause and look around them. How we got disconnected from each other and stopped noticing ‘the old man’ who requires help, yet no one sees it as a metaphor in the lyrics. This diversity was also reflected in the team they worked with; Martin Jarka’s who worked on the music video that took place in location Olomouc Rockstar Café & Bar, also Filip VIček from the band John Wolfhooker who worked on sound and mastering.

“Timeless” opens a whole new diversity and variation for the band and keeps us eager to find out what they’re up to next. 



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