50ft Queenie (Live at Ivy Room) by Year of the Fist

Niki Pretti

 Those last 2 years have been a wild ride for almost everyone. The pandemic took its toll on the arts, music scenes and to be fair, almost everywhere else. Yet, it also resulted in new approaches, ideas immersing and remarkable success stories.

One of these were Mr. p and Mike who are the ones behind DCxPC Live, which started between 2020 and 2021 when live performances and concerts were banned, so they came up with live streaming the concerts from different venues online which turned out to be a huge success that they ended up recording it and turning it into an album of live music tracks of different regional bands. The albums were such a hit that they had 4 different releases. One of the tracks on the 4th album was a cover of 50ft Queenie, by PJ Harvey by a renowned band, Year of the Fist. These guys have been in the scene for 10 years with a long discography of 2 album releases, an EP, lots of singles, and sick performances! The band has received a remarkable recognition after touring regionally and internationally and several music videos releases.

50ft Queenie was recorded at the Ivy Room, which is a home venue for the band, where they always felt welcomed and appreciated by Summer and Lani who reestablished the venue back in 2015. The performance was a hit through live streaming with the help of a sound, lighting and video crew, Marco, and Nick. 

Although the song is a cover yet, the band made sure to add their style to it. They focused on the guitar riff and the main vocal line, keeping it more upfront than the backing instrumental part. It definitely does add its own flavor. 


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