Touch Down by Gina Williams


Singer-songwriter Gina Williams does not compose music but receives it through a revelation that comes to her from heaven without warning. And the proof is during the pandemic lockdown when Gina like other artists had a time when torrents of great music poured in.

This time allowed me not only to compose and finish previous projects for Gina, but also to have enough material to release 5 albums including “Touch Down” which features 10 pop songs with a strong Caribbean flavor and African and Latin rhythms, and its no wonder her music emulates this positive vibe.

In “Touch Down,” Gina swings through songs in her style, maintaining the positive light that seeps through her lyrics and the aura she creates through sound waves, leaving us vulnerable to any condition she sings.

A very vibrant and versatile dance party. The tracks have a lot of balance, with some of them influencing Caribbean music like “What’ya offering”, “Dangerous” and “Fine”.

In other songs such as “In my life”, multiple instruments and synthesizers blended to give a more mysterious ambiance to the sound and point to the piano side in which Gina excels.

“Touch Down” codifies life references and puts them all into the electronic sphere distributed throughout the songs, but we notice it, particularly in “Boom Boom” and “Laidback”.

The vocal performance is worth standing in for, as she can explore different styles to arrive at what she wants to express. Despite her transitions between different types of music, her voice was found to have a clear and distinctive personality.

Gina Williams has music in her head with great patterns, harmony, and sounds, and “Touch Down” is a collection of clues to a life full of music, and a masterpiece worthy of all of us celebrating.


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