Void by Static Null


Artist Static Null based in Hoor, Sweden released a magically chill and relaxing song called ‘Void’, that will send you to a deep sleep while you’re wide awake with its smooth vibe. The song is electronic but pretty much experimental because of its unique sound. The song was released on the 24th of March, and it’s so perfect we wish for more deep and enriching musical creations like this. Null likes to work with the concept of man and machine and how they interact with each other on different levels and aspects. 

 This song feels alternative yet you wouldn’t really be capable of pointing out why. The first thing that can to our mind after listening to this is a cold forest, with silence and clouds dangling over it and then we discover that the artist really does make the music in the forest. The overall sound of the song is perfect for releasing any pent-up emotions. There is a dark nature sound with an ethereal and dreamy soundscape. The musical arrangement is minimal yet rich at the same time. You’ve got magical sound effects that feel surrealistic and a yearning for flute sound, and the beat is an extremely slow and immersive experience. There are minimal drums and snares, a single vocal sound effect on a loop, and a backing electric guitar sound effect that is too subtle to make out. Also, there are shaking sound effects that make the calm and relaxing melody a little bit spicy.  A unique blend of emotions made up into one beautiful instrumental piece.